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One month chinese visa in Kuala Lumpur

Getting a chinese visa in KL is quite painless – at least less painful than it seems!

They officially deliver only 30 days visa, but there are few exceptions. Dont’ count on them though!

The embassy More >

Cameron Highlands Sungei Palas Tea Plantations

What a beautea !!

Walking down from the mossy forest, we finally reached the Sungei Palas Tea Estate. And what a surprise! I had never seen what tea plantations look like, and I found them stunning. All those shades of More >

The starting path

The mossy muddy misty forest of Gunung Brinchang

The starting path


The mossy forest is situated only a few kilometers from the top of Gunung Brinchang, the second highest peak of Cameron Highlands (Malaysia). With its 2000m high, it’s quite a long More >

Cameron Highlands Sungei Palas Tea Plantations

What are Cameron Highlands??

Whenever you need a break from the malaysian hot and sweaty weather, get a rest in the Cameron Highlands!! It’s a 4 hours ride from/to KL (Pudu station: 30 ringgit), or a 5-6 hours ride from/to Penang More >

Let's be honest... Did you really think the red bits were tomato??

[video] What happens if you eat a proper papaya salad….

Papaya salad is a delicious dish you can find all over South East Asia. Usually cooks tend to make it with a decent amount of chili for tourists

Let’s be honest… Did you really think the red bits More >

4000 Islands

[video] Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Laos !!!


A month in Laos was way way too short, it is a wonderful country where you need to take your time!! I had a wonderful experience there, just watching the movie gives me chills!




There will be More >

Batad - Philippines

[video] It’s more fun in the Philippines!!

It’s more fun in Philippines“, the key sentence of this extraordinary country with 7000 islands!



Claire and I have visited 13 of them and we never got tired of their beauty, eyes wide opened in More >

Laos - Muang Noi

Muang Ngoi, little paradise in north Laos

Muang Ngoi is my favourite place in Laos. I wish I would have had more time to hang around there and walk around its amazing countryside.




The village itself has only one “road”, not paved, More >

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

First impression of Philippines…. AMAZING !!

Yesterday at 4:20 in the morning, we got to Philippines.

It wasn’t all that easy, but at the end it all worked out!!


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport


We left Ekkamai (Bangkok) on monday evening (4th of More >

Get Your Backpack

[video] 3 years later…

On the 29th of  January 2013, I celebrated in Koh Chang (Thailand) – my 3 years anniversary of traveling.


Get Your Backpack

This third year was full of surprises and of course as usual nothing

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