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NOPC 2010 - Flying over Pokhara

[video] Nepal Open Paragliding Championship 2010 – the movie



NOPC 2010 – Flying over Pokhara


Pokhara….. Just writing this name gives me chills!! Happy chills of course!


In 2010 after taking a paragliding beginner course and flying More >

Tom Estelle Sara and Christelle Dancing for Volunteering

[video] Wanna do something helpful? Volunteering sounds like a good idea!

If you’re looking for good resolutions I hope this will give you some ideas!

This is a movie I made in India last year about dancing. It is meant to be a pleasant thing to watch to advertise More >

backpacking in busan

Backpacking: 8 reasons to go and 8 values to have

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.

~James Michener~


Backpacking… What exactly is that?



“Backpacking is a form of More >


Where to go and when? How to plan!

“Where Should I go first? East or West? Should I fly there? Should I take the Train? Where am I gonna sleep? Do I need a visa? How can I get it? Etc… etc….”

That’s a tough one!


Those questions could More >

Nina - Backpacking in India

Who I am and why I started this blog

I’m Nina, I’m french, I’m 28 and I’ve been travelling the world non stop since 29th of January 2010.

Is that not a hell of a presentation?!?

Probably a bit short…

Nina – Backpacking in India


If More >

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