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I’m Nina, I’m french, I was born in 1984, and I’ve been travelling the world non stop since 29th of January 2010.

Is that enough of a presentation?

I guess not…

All right I’ll try to do better….




First of all,my name…


Nina is just a nickname. My real name is Nolwenn.

I can hear you from here…..

-  Norwin?

-  No Way?

-  Norway? Like the country?

-  No wind?

-  Halloween?

-  Mallween?

-  Nolyen?

-  Arwen? Like in Lord of the ring?


-  Allright I’ll call you Frenchie…


NOLWENN !!!! How come it is so hard for people to even repeat!!

And I’m not talking about remembering it!!


One day in september 2010, as I was working in a bar in China (I’ll probably come back to that in a future post) a customer misunderstood my name and started to call me Nina. I didn’t correct him.


And Nina was born!!!


No more Halloween or Frenchie, from that day everyone remembered my nickname and life became much easier!! In every country Nina is also very easy for locals and I heard loads of:

  • Nina! Same like chinese people name!
  • Nina! Means « little sister »! in nepali!
  • Nina! It’s indian name!



My travelling background:


I’ve travelled with my parents quite a lot when I was young, but my first backpacker trip was at 17 in 2001 .     INDIA !


From there I worked on week-ends and hollidays all year long and I was going backpacking every summer, 3 weeks, 1 months, 2 months. It was never enought! I was always frustrated to go back home so fast!!


So I decided that some day I would go travelling for a long time.


Travel for an indefinite time and be able to choose wherever I want to go and how long I want to stay.


That happened on the 29th of January 2010. I left France for a 2 years world tour after working and saving money.


It’s been 2 and half years now and I didn’t do any tour of any kind, I travelled at my own pace mostly in north Asia.

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I said non-stop, well it’s not entirely true! I came back to France in the summer 2011 to visit my family and friends, and again in the summer 2012 for 3 months.

« Taking a holliday !! » as I love to say to piss my friends off!!




From those 2 and half years I have loads of stories to tell, loads of places to make you discover, and loads of tricks to give you!!


I am not saying that every advice I give is the best, but they are from my own experience and – even though they might not suit everyone – they could be precious to you!




contact: nina@getyourbackpack.com

  • Jackson
    #1 written by Jackson 6 years ago

    I just love to read your travelling around the globe. You’re certainly someone so special indeed. Thank you very much for your kind advice here. It’s simply marvelous!!

  • Nur Zalikha
    #2 written by Nur Zalikha 5 years ago

    Dear Nolwenn/ Nina,

    I freaking LOVE your blog. Will definitely follow it. I am an aspiring traveller as well, I hope i’ll get to travel as much (although I am already married). I started backpacking since I was 20, a bit late…haha.

    Now I am about to finish my degree, so I aspire to travel as much as possible, since making a life out of it may seem a tiny bit impossible for me.

    Love your blog!

    • Nina
      #3 written by Nina 5 years ago

      Hi Zalikha!

      Thanks for your time reading my blog!! It’s not up to date at all since I’m travelling with not so many internet accesses lately, but i’ll definitely keep writing as soon as i can! I hope you get your degree soon and that you’ll have opportunities to travel around as much as you dream of!
      Keep in touch!!

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