There is one way to get to Kao San Road for very cheap from Suvarnabhumi International airport.


It is for sure longer than taking a taxi or a tourist bus, but it’s really worth it, mostly if you’re travelling on your own! (otherwise you can share a taxi)

I’m sure there are more bus combinations possible, but I’ve tried this one and I know it works very well.

Bangkok streets

Bangkok streets


1. Take the free Airport Shuttle Bus:

Go to the 1st floor of the airport (the down floor where the parking is). When you go out on the parking, turn left straight away and follow the sidewalk. About 50m far you’ll find a bus stop for the Airport Shuttle Bus. It will take you for free to the Public Transportation Center (last stop)


2. Take the 552 minibus to On Nut BTS station. (25 baths)

On Nut is the last stop, and the minibus will drop you in front of a bus station. Buses run from 6am to 9pm everyday.


3. Take bus N°2 (on the same side walk, in front of the shopping mall), it will take you next to Kao San Road in around 45 minuts to 1 hour, depending on the traffic of course. Officially it should be 6.5 Baths, but everytime I took it there was no one to pay to so it was free. This bus runs until 11pm every day.



Note that this bus N°2 is quite convenient as it also goes to Ekkamai Bus Terminal and to Pratunam, this huge cheap shopping mall and massive computer/IT mall. Much cheaper than any tourist market!!



For those who want an intermediate solution between this one and the taxis, you can read this very useful page! (sorryyyyy it’s in french again! But anyone can read bus numbers! ;) )