To fly to Yangon from Bangkok, the cheapest company you’ll find is Air Asia. I booked online only 10 days before my departure and I paid 135 euros return (all taxes included, 10kg checked in luggage included). You can get much cheaper if you book in advance!


Air Asia Bangkok

Air Asia – Don Mueang Airport – Bangkok


Air Asia is a very decent company with smily staff and nice planes (at least the one I got was nice!). As any low cost company you have to pay for your meals, but for a 1h15min flight you can wait until you get to Yangon!


Interesting fact: in Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok), at the security check they don’t confiscate your lighters! Makes me wonder about security, but smokers will be delighted!


We took off at 12:10pm, and an hour later I got my first glimpse of Myanmar: thousands of fields with incredible shades of green. Running through in laces was a massive milky-brown river, an amazing view!


Myanmar from the plane

Myanmar from the plane


Entering Myanmar is nothing of a big deal. The immigration officer will stamp your visa and arrival card (filled up in the plane), you’ll wait 5 minutes for your checked in luggage, and the custom will scan your bags and take your custom declaration (also filled up in the plane) with no question (if you have nothing to declare!)


Yangon Airport

Yangon Airport


Contrary to what all the guide books say, the rate at the airport bank (before custom) is no longer stupidly low. It’s even better than most of the jewellery shops downtown!


1$ = 851 Kyat at the airport


Once you past customs, wait for more travelers to come and ask them to share a taxi. We were 4 and paid 2$ each, total 8$ (you can find cheaper ones if you walk out of the airport)


Once you’re downtown, everything is at walking distance!