I’ve known Chris for several years, and I know one of the things he does best is GUITARS!


Jungle Guitars

My favourite guitar made by Chris


Chris has been a luthier for more than 20 years. His experience and professionalism enabled him to start a Guitar Building School in Goa, India.


So if you have 3 weeks holliday and you don’t know where to go and what to do? GO TO INDIA AND BUILD YOUR GUITAR!

Jungle Guitars

Goa is a great place, beautiful beach life, nice weather (out of the monson!), super chilled out people. I’ve spent 5 months there (in Anjuna) and I wish it was on my way again! I had a great time!


I didn’t do the course myself, but I know what I’m talking about: my boyfriend at the time did a course with Chris (they’ve known each other for more than 20 years). And in 5 months in Goa, we hung out a lot at Jungle Guitars and I can testify that every single student was delighted!


Let’s talk about this course more precisely!



You can build classical/steel string guitars from scratch. You’ll choose your own design and you’ll handle all the tools yourself!


Jungle Guitars



Jungle Guitars workshop is – as its name says – in the jungle!! It’s situated 3 minutes walk from Baga beach, and if you walk over the hill like I always did, you’re in Anjuna in 15 minutes.


Jungle Guitars

Jungle Guitars’ workshop in the jungle



Chris is always here with you to help, advise, correct, support, etc! You can also be with other students, depending on the bookings Chris gets.

Jungle Guitars



The course lasts 15 days minimum. And I mean 15 working days, as you get saturdays and sundays off. So you need 3 weeks.

Jungle Guitars

Handling the tools



The course is 1500 dollars, it might sound expensive for our backpacker’s budget, but if you look closer buying a good quality guitar is not much cheaper. And this one will be yours! Your own hand built baby!

NB: This price includes all materials, strings, tuning machines and a well padded soft guitar case to take it back home in the plane!


Jungle Guitars

High quality guitar from Chris’ workshop



Anyone! That’s the beauty of it! You don’t need to be a professional guitar player, you don’t need to have experience with tools. You can be man or woman, teenager or retired, fat or fit, it doesn’t matter!


Jungle Guitars

Everyone can do it!


You can read more about Jungle Guitars and contact Chris through his Jungle Guitars website!