Changing money in Myanmar is well know to be a REAL PAIN!


As yo might already know, there is no other way to get money (Kyat) in Myanmar than exchange cash.


No credit card payment, no ATMs, no traveller cheques. NOTHING!

And the rule (who’s rule? The government of course!) is that you can exchange only brand new notes.

What to bring?? Euros? Dollars? good state? perfect brand new notes? creased notes? thai baths? chinese yuan? Hard to tell!


I didn’t know either before going, the travel forums are full of contradictory comments.


So I brought everything I had and I’ve explored the truth by testing for you all the different notes I had with me.


Here’s the result of my studies!



This first picture shows 2 of my – not so many – hundred euros notes.

- The upper one is in pretty good state (the best I could get in my bank), but it’s not brand new as Myanmar Government wants. It’s never been folded.

VERDICT: ACCEPTED in black market and banks in Yangon and in hotels and banks in other cities


- The lower one is quite old, it’s been folded and is all creased.

VERDICT:  REJECTED everywhere!

100 euros notes

100 euros notes. Upper is good, lower is creased




This 20 euros note is brand new, but I accidently folded it!! Stupid me!!

VERDICT:  ACCEPTED at the black market – REJECTED in banks or hotels

20 euros good state folded

20 euros bill in perfect state but folded



This 100 dollars note is in relatively good shape but definitely not new. Its color is a bit weird (also you can’t really see on the picture) due to ink spread during months of transportation in different wallets. There is a very old trace of folding.


100 dollars good state

100 dollars in very good state – have been folded




Those 100 dollars notes are also in a pretty good state, except for very small traces of ink / stamps (who’s stupid enough to stamp a 100 dollars note!?! I have loads of them stamped!)

VERDICT:  REJECTED everywhere!

100 dollars medium state

100 dollars in very good state but with ink marks



I didn’t expect much from those old creepy dollars, all creased, folded, scratched, …

VERDICT:   REJECTED everywhere!

dollars bad state

dollars in a bad state




Two of Myanmar’s neighbouring countries are Thailand and China. A fellow traveller once told me that you could pay in baths in some places, but he tried only next to the thai border and it was years ago. So I tried to exchange them or pay with them in Yangon. They are not in a good state.

VERDICT:    REJECTED everywhere! You might be able to change nice looking Baths notes in the black market though


thai baths

Creased thai baths




I had kept some chinese yuan with me from a previous trip to China. Being a neighbouring country I thought it might help me in Myanmar in case I run out of money (if my euros and dollars were rejected)

VERDICT:    REJECTED everywhere! You might be able to change nice looking Yuan notes in the black market though

chinese yuan

chinese yuan in quite a poor state




 Here you are, now you know what to bring to Myanmar! Good luck with your travel, and keep in mind that regulations might change at any time!! They might be easier or harder in the future!