Getting a chinese visa in KL is quite painless – at least less painful than it seems!

They officially deliver only 30 days visa, but there are few exceptions. Dont’ count on them though!

The embassy has switched building recently, so you’ll have to run between the OSK building (1st floor) and the Ampshire building (5th and 6th floor). They both are near Ampang Park MRT station and are separated by only a couple hundred meters.

Chinese Visa Application center Kuala Lumpur

Chinese Visa Application center Kuala Lumpur

the OSK Building - you can't miss it!

the OSK Building – you can’t miss it!


Here are a few tips if you wonder how it works:


What paperwork do I need?


-  Valid passport with at least 6 months validity after the end of the visa, and 2 empty pages side by side

-  Application form filled in (don’t bother filling one from the internet, they are not the most recent ones and you’ll need to fill a new one when you get to the embassy!). You’ll need your insurance company name and personal number.

-  1 passport photograph  (they can make ID pictures inside the Ampshire building at the visa office)

-  Flights bookings in and out of the country

-  Printed hotel reservation (for the first 2 or 3 days of your trip)



How should I process?


It seems a bit of a pain, but it’s actually quite easy to get the chinese visa in Kuala Lumpur.


1.   Get an appointment at the embassy. This is simply to avoid any rush hour and enables the embassy to receive a regulated flow of people. Very clever actually!!

2.  For the visa application, go to the Hampshire building – 5th floor

-   Get a visa application form from the front desk

-   Go back to the front desk so that they check all the papers and give you a ticket

-   Wait until your number is called and go to the appropriate counter

- They will check all the papers again and ask you when you want your visa to be ready for (the price will depend on the delay)

3.  Go to the interview on the next morning – OSK Building 1st floor

Wait for your number to be called (it’s very quick if you arrive early enough), you’ll need to answer a few questions like “why are you going to China”, “Is it your first visit to China”, “Where will you go in China”.

It’s a piece of cake, really!

4.  2 days later you can collect your passport and visa at the Hampshire building 6th floor and pay your fee.


And that’s it! Welcome to China !!!