[video] 3 years later...

On the 29th of  January 2013, I celebrated in Koh Chang (Thailand) - my 3 years anniversary of traveling.   This third year was full of surprises and of course as usual nothing happened "as planned", but I've seen incredible things and more importantly I've met the most extraordinary people [...]Read More »

[video][fr] Rose's Children - fighting AIDS with children's minds

Kolkata - April 2012   On my way out of India, I visited as promised the Narendrapur Aasha deep foundation - created by Rose-Mary - where I am a sponsor for one of the little girls since August 2011. This incredible orphanage and its inhabitants really got my heart and I wish I could have stayed [...]Read More »

[video] My second year on the road

Jan 2010 to Jan 2012, it's been 2 years already!     This year has been very intense, I spent most time in Nepal paragliding, whent to India for a month and half, came back to Nepal, flew back to France to visit my family, and flew back to india for 8 more [...]Read More »

Meet Chris and build your own guitar in Goa

I've known Chris for several years, and I know one of the things he does best is GUITARS!     Chris has been a luthier for more than 20 years. His experience and professionalism enabled him to start a Guitar Building School in Goa, India.   So if you have 3 weeks holliday and you [...]Read More »

[video] Wanna do something helpful? Volunteering sounds like a good idea!

If you're looking for good resolutions I hope this will give you some ideas! This is a movie I made in India last year about dancing. It is meant to be a pleasant thing to watch to advertise volunteering.   Volunteering plays a very important role in my life and I wish everyone would take [...]Read More »

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