[video] 3 years later...

On the 29th of  January 2013, I celebrated in Koh Chang (Thailand) - my 3 years anniversary of traveling.   This third year was full of surprises and of course as usual nothing happened "as planned", but I've seen incredible things and more importantly I've met the most extraordinary people [...]Read More »

Getting around Yangon using public buses

If you're as broke as me, you certainly don't want to get aroung Yangon by taxis! Even though Lonely Planet says that they are the cheapest taxis in all Asia, it adds up really fast if you take them all the time! Public buses are pretty easy to use in Yangon, and they come very often!   So I [...]Read More »

[video] Bagan by night

Bagan is wonderful to cycle around in day time, but not only!! All the sunrises and sunsets I've seen their were truly amazing. I can hear all of you say "Of course they were!! A sunrise or sunset is always beautiful!!"     I agree, but THIS is of a different kind my friends!! A special [...]Read More »

[video] The wonders of Bagan

Hopping on my bicycle, I started to realise the greatness of Bagan after only a few minutes. Everywhere, absolutely everywhere, in every field, on every road and durst track, temples - monasteries - pagodas - stupas were emerging from the ground. 2200 to be precise! 2200 hundred Buddhist [...]Read More »

[video] The CouchSurfing contest: Get Inspired!!

 And here is it, FINALLY, Tim and Colin's video about their trip in Myanmar!! Those 2 CouchSurfing addicts have been living in asia for several years, working as english teachers and travelling around, hosting many couchsurfers and crashing at many couchsurfers' places! I've been waiting for it [...]Read More »

Changing money in Myanmar/Burma

Changing money in Myanmar is well know to be a REAL PAIN!   As yo might already know, there is no other way to get money (Kyat) in Myanmar than exchange cash.   No credit card payment, no ATMs, no traveller cheques. NOTHING! And the rule (who's rule? The government of course!) is [...]Read More »

Trekking on your own in the east side of Inle Lake

Today is my last day in Inle Lake area, and I intend to enjoy it!! I get up at 8, there’s only one blond girl having breakfast. God! Everyone is getting up so early here! I join her and we start chatting. Charlotte – from Netherlands – has no plan for the day so I invite her to join me to ride a [...]Read More »

A great travel agency in Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake)

  I’d like to go trekking from Inle Lake to Kalaw, but a guide on my own is way too expensive (75000K), I need to find more travelers to share with!   I ask in Gipsy Inn, Joy Hotel and several travel agencies, but they don’t have any groups going, it’s low season.   I decide not to [...]Read More »

Cycling on the west side of Inle Lake

    Today is the first day I enjoy the wonderful Gipsy Inn breakfast. My first breakfast in Myanmar, as I usually have my first food around noon! Only Mark and Amy, the 2 “Thais” from my bus, are here. I write “Thai” because that’s how they present themselves, but Mark (originally from [...]Read More »

A day floating on the beautiful Inle Lake

The hotels can arrange for you a boat tour on Inle Lake for 15000K, and you’ll share the price (usually 5 people max). We were 3 and we walked about 10m out of the hotel before a smiley guy came to us and offered us the same boat trip for 12000K. OK let’s go!   9h30, after our 3 hours sleep, [...]Read More »

Walking around Mandalay city and Mandalay Hill

    After a great night sleep recovering from my 70kms trip in the countryside, I decided to visit Mandalay Hill, skipping Mandalay Palace and its 10$ entrance fee going straight into the government’s pocket.   First step of the day, FOOD!! I walked to the 87th/26th and found a tea [...]Read More »

Leaving Mandalay for Nyangshwe (Inle Lake)

At 5pm the truck came to pick me up at AD1 Hotel. I piled up with a bunch of locals, we picked up some more people including 5 tourists, and we finally got to the bus. I heard them talk and I understand the bus stops in Kalaw before Inle Lake. I didn’t realize that! I decided to get off at [...]Read More »

The best way to go around Mandalay area: rent a motorbike!

  Today my day started at 7am. And let me tell you, I'm definitely not a morning person!! That's how it came to my mind to have the greatest breakfast ever: a can of red bull!! (just kidding, you might indeed find something better and healthier for your early morning wake up meal, but it worked [...]Read More »

Day 2: discovering Yangon - The big rip off about changing money!

  Another day walking around Yangon, the street life is really amazing, so many markets, hundreds of stalls,  people smiling all the time. I spent most of the day in the markets: fruit markets, clothes market, local bits&bobs market, tourist souvenir market.   Buying a longyi (the [...]Read More »

First day in Yangon: Getting a cheap hotel and walking around!

  Yangon is an incredible city of more than 4 millions inhabitants. At first it just seems like any other big crowded city (and I don't like big cities!), but once I got to the center the architecture and the street life are fabulous!     First Step: Find a cheap hotel   Not that [...]Read More »

Going to Myanmar from Bangkok

To fly to Yangon from Bangkok, the cheapest company you'll find is Air Asia. I booked online only 10 days before my departure and I paid 135 euros return (all taxes included, 10kg checked in luggage included). You can get much cheaper if you book in advance!     Air Asia is a very [...]Read More »

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