[video] Saping: A paradise in the Himalayas

Saping is a tiny village in the nepali mountains, 3 hours walk from Dolalghat (6 hours bus from Kathmandu). No road goes there yet, so the place is wonderfully peacefull and only a handfull of lucky ones can get there!!     I went to Saping the first time in 2008 when I met Pimou and [...]Read More »

[video] My second year on the road

Jan 2010 to Jan 2012, it's been 2 years already!     This year has been very intense, I spent most time in Nepal paragliding, whent to India for a month and half, came back to Nepal, flew back to France to visit my family, and flew back to india for 8 more [...]Read More »

[video] My first year on the road

Less than 4 minuts to sum up one year on the road, it's not much!! But it gives you a good idea of the wonderful places I've seen in my first year on the road.     From the 29th of January 2010 to the 29th of January 2011 I've crossed Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan, South Korea, Tibet [...]Read More »

The cheapest trek in Annapurna ever!

Nepal is a very cheap country to travel. But when it comes to trekking, the bill can get really high!   I.   For those who are not very adventurous   and like to organise everything from home, you'll have to book through an agency that will take care of everything for you: make the trekking [...]Read More »

[video] Nepal Open Paragliding Championship 2010 - the movie

WATCH POKHARA FROM ABOVE!     Pokhara..... Just writing this name gives me chills!! Happy chills of course!   In 2010 after taking a paragliding beginner course and flying on my own for a couple of month, I had the chance to participate to the NOPC [...]Read More »

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