Another day walking around Yangon, the street life is really amazing, so many markets, hundreds of stalls,  people smiling all the time. I spent most of the day in the markets: fruit markets, clothes market, local bits&bobs market, tourist souvenir market.

Fruit Market in Yangon streets

Fruit Market in Yangon streets


Buying a longyi (the traditional myanmar kind of skirt – for men and women) is not an easy thing as there are literally thousands of them!!

Hundreds of different longyis

Hundreds of different longyis


I finally got a purple and green one for 2000K (2 euros – not so cheap but reasonable!)


Sewing my new longyi

Sewing my new longyi !!


I found a really good internet cafe – it’s situated in the 31st street, on the right hand side when you walk south. It’s recommended in the Lonely Planet. 400K an hour, but the connection is fairly fast, there’s AC and free cold water. Plus all the computers are under Mac Os so there is no risk for your SD cards to get infected by windows viruses! Great place!


I finally managed to change money, but I got ripped off big time!! I thought I got a good bargain at the black market in Bogyoke Market (1 euro = 1055Kyats), but when I got back to the hotel my roomate told me that in the bank right next to the market (on the right hand side when you’re facing the south entrance), the rate was more than 1100!! I lost around 30 euros on the deal… Not much for europeans with a salary coming in every month, but a small fortune for me!!



The information is OUT OF DATE!

Do not change at the black market but in the bank!

The best rate we’ve found so far is at the airport bank!!


Dollars were 851K at the airport, 849 in the city banks, and between 820 and 840 at the black market.


Note:  You can get the dollar for 900 Kyats in the streets next to Mahabandoola Park south of Sule Paya (many men will come to you when you walk around), but beware of counting every kyat, they are know to rip tourists off several thousands of kyats!



See you in few days!!