Kolkata – April 2012


On my way out of India, I visited as promised the Narendrapur Aasha deep foundation – created by Rose-Mary – where I am a sponsor for one of the little girls since August 2011. This incredible orphanage and its inhabitants really got my heart and I wish I could have stayed more than 10 days, but the indian administration had decided otherwise and even though my 2 months overstay had been legalised they forced me to leave the country much sooner than expected.


Volunteering in Little Heart School - Les enfants Roses

On the playground



The 15 children of the orphanage all have AIDS from birth. The foundation works with the police of Kolkata to save the children living from begging and theft in the city’s train stations.


Les enfants Roses - Little Heart School

The Home Children – Little Heart School

Their mother – affected by AIDS – live mostly from prostitution or were rape victims.They abandon their children after giving birth or make them work as beggers, thiefs or prostitutes.

Streets of Kolkata

Streets of Kolkata


The orphanage welcomes them fully legally, with the agreement of the parents if they exist, and in order with the local police.


The institution also hosts a school of 80 children from the poor families of the neighbourhood. Patricia, creator of the french association “Les Enfants Roses”, is looking for sponsors for all of them.


Volunteering in Little Heart School - Les enfants Roses

Volunteering in Little Heart School


The children owe their survival to Rose-Mary, un incredible woman who gave up her personal life to fight for them day and night. In day time she is busy at the school, in the train stations of Kolkata cleaning terrible wounds on homeless children, in court for administrative and legal matters, at the police station, etc…. But this is not enough, everynight she sleeps on a chair in the hospital where some children are being treated.


Rose-Mary - Les enfants Roses



When I was in Kolkata I took cre of only 12 children, the rest of them was in hospital.

The boys' room early morning

The boys’ room early morning



Their god mothers and god fathers wish them a good and very fast recovery.


You’ll see in this very short movie how full of energy are those children, they are beautiful and happy, full of life no matter what!


Please join hands and support this project.
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The movie is of course not very professionnal, but most of the pictures have been taken by the children themselves, all the voices (in french) are also from them. We had a great time making it and we hope you’ll enjoy!!

Follow Me et les enfants roses de Calcutta (in french) from Get Your Backpack on Vimeo.


Girls time! Kolkota Les enfants Roses

Girls time!