Spending a month in Mongolia was one of the most incredible things I’ve done. The generosity of the mongolian people living in such an extreme environment blew my mind.


It was the beginning of my trip and I was not filming so much. A big regret, as I would have loved to show the world how good and beautiful these people are!




Mongolian roads



In mongolia there are very few real roads. Most of them are just dust tracks across the Mongolian steppe, nearly invisible to us. That’s why it is recommended to hire a driver, especially in the winter when you do not want to get lost in the middle of nowhere!


I havn’t experienced summer time but I know it’s different, you can travel by motorbike or bicycle and camp. Forget it in the winter though!


Hiring a car and its driver costs around 30$ a day and you can fit up to 8 people in it. You need to pay the gas and oil on the way.


We had a great driver and even though he could not speak english we had hours of conversation. He took us on a 2 weeks tour of western Mongolia, taking us to amazingly remote places where he knew he could find some nomads to host us. We had some incredible moments with those people, sharing their life for a day or two, sleeping in their yourts together with their goats. -30 to -40 outside, -15° to -20° inside in the morning!


Such big hearts and such a hard life style. Unbelievable!


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