NOPC 2010 – Flying over Pokhara


Pokhara….. Just writing this name gives me chills!! Happy chills of course!


In 2010 after taking a paragliding beginner course and flying on my own for a couple of month, I had the chance to participate to the NOPC (Nepal Open Paragliding Championship). Not as a solo pilot, but as a tandem passenger!


The competition is held in Pokhara (Nepal) every year around January or February. In 2010 around 150 pilots showed up for the event!


The opening ceremony was held on one of the many landing sites, and consisted in looooong and boooooring speeches made by officials.  Well… it has to be done, hasn’t it!!  presentation of the event , saying thank you to anyone who helped organising or invested in it, and many other things that I didn’t quite get, my nepali being very basic… (Namaste!)


Luckily for me, being around the bunch of pilots from Pokhara made time go much faster!!

NOPC opening ceremony


2 buses take all of us to the 3 take-offs, everyone’s getting excited, everyone’s getting ready, few of us have a nap on take off and then….


The flying starts!!!


As soon as the starting flag is out, the whole 150 gliders start racing across the sky, towards Torepani and Green Wall. It is sooo funny to race against all your friends!!

NOPC 2010 – flying to Green Wall


As a passenger and not a pilot, I have lots of time to take pictures and shoot movies. But not only this, I of course have to help my pilot by weight-shifting to take more efficient turns. I can’t complain…wasn’t too hard…


Enough small talk! Let’s get to the point and watch the movie, you’ll discover  Nepal from above, and I’m sure you’ll love it!!


Follow Me Paragliding in Nepal from Get Your Backpack on Vimeo.


NB: quality is unfortunately bad… Can’t do anyting about this for now, sorry!