Yi Peng Yee Peng Lantern Chiang Mai

[video] Living the Yee-Peng fairy tale


Nothing in the world could have made us miss the Yee Peng Festival. We decided to stay in Thailand 3 extra weeks to attend it and guess what… it was absolutely wonderful!!!!!

What is all this More >

Pai Canyon

Life of Pai

A 3 hours ride from Chiang Mai, Pai is the most famous town of northern Thailand amonsgt backpackers. Why’s that? Probably because it’s one of the most chilled out places, with fabulous countryside More >

Vietnam consulate in Luang Prabang

Yes there is… a vietnam consulate in Luang Prabang!

Most people seem to think that they have to go to Vientiane to get the cheapest vietnamese visa, well it isn’t true!


When you are in Luang Prabang don’t listen to all the people telling you that you More >

Yangon - Bus 43

Getting around Yangon using public buses

If you’re as broke as me, you certainly don’t want to get aroung Yangon by taxis! Even though Lonely Planet says that they are the cheapest taxis in all Asia, it adds up really fast if you take them More >

Buddhist monk at Sera Monatery - Lhassa - Tibet

[video] 10 days in Tibet

Tibet is one of the greatest place I’ve seen in my life. The extraordinary scenaries and the kindness of the people make it a breathtaking place to experience.


Buddhist monk at Sera Monatery – More >

Bagan sunrise

[video] Bagan by night

Bagan is wonderful to cycle around in day time, but not only!!

All the sunrises and sunsets I’ve seen their were truly amazing. I can hear all of you say “Of course they were!! A sunrise or sunset is More >


[video] The wonders of Bagan

Hopping on my bicycle, I started to realise the greatness of Bagan after only a few minutes. Everywhere, absolutely everywhere, in every field, on every road and durst track, temples – monasteries – More >

Halong Bay Cruise

[video] 3 days cruise on Halong Bay

Halong Bay early morning


3 days cruise on the beautiful Halong Bay!!


If I had to do it again I would definitely not go for the way too expensive  booze cruise, but it was fun!



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CouchSurfing Contest - Get Inspired

[video] The CouchSurfing contest: Get Inspired!!

 And here is it, FINALLY, Tim and Colin’s video about their trip in Myanmar!! Those 2 CouchSurfing addicts have been living in asia for several years, working as english teachers and travelling around, More >

My money

Changing money in Myanmar/Burma

Changing money in Myanmar is well know to be a REAL PAIN!


As yo might already know, there is no other way to get money (Kyat) in Myanmar than exchange cash.


No credit card payment, no ATMs, no More >

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