A 3 hours ride from Chiang Mai, Pai is the most famous town of northern Thailand amonsgt backpackers. Why’s that? Probably because it’s one of the most chilled out places, with fabulous countryside around and a very lively town center!


Pai countryside

Driving around the countryside


Pai by night

Pai by night




If you plan to stay there for a couple of days, forget it, you’ll probably get stuck there for a while like we did!! Hard place to leave!!


Life in Pai can be pretty cheap, you can find dorms for 100 baths (the cheapest if you’re on your own), or loads of comfy bungalows in jungle gardens for 300 baths/night. We decided to go crazy and go for the bungalow, yihaaaaaaaa!


Pai Bungalows

Villa de Pai bungalows


If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get some nice neighbourgs and have some cosy  evenings on the terrace with a bottle of Yoong Tong and a guitar!


Pai Bungalows



The best way to go around Pai’s countryside is to rent a twist&go motorbike for 100 baths in any shop in town, + 40 baths/L for the petrol.


Be careful, 1L doesn’t last more than 15km on some of the bikes!! If you don’t want to end up like us turning the engine off downhill to save petrol and be able to make it to the petrol pump, fill up your tank!!



Pai Thailand


Pai scooter

Barbie scooter and the Barbie helmet!



 Driving around Pai


-  Pai Canyon


Pai Canyon is quite a surprising place. The best moment to go for a walk in the Canyon is in the end of the afternoon. You get a great light, you can walk around for a long while, bring a picnic,  and you might see a beautiful sunset!


Pai Canyon


Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon


Pai Canyon


Pai Canyon

Sunset on Pai Canyon



- Waterfalls


There’s a bunch of waterfalls in Pai’s area (reachable by bike), the drive itself is worth it, the waterfalls are ok but not really breathtaking!


Pai waterfall


Pai Waterfall



We went to Mae Yen Watefall, which is a beautiful 3 hours walk through the jungle, with dozens of river crossings, but guess what…. We never found the waterfall!!

If you’re planning to go there, do it early morning so that you have time to wander around! We were quite late and didn’t have time to walk further as the night was about to fall!


Mae Yen Waterfall

On the way to Mae Yen Waterfall



- Hot springs


Pai is famous for its hot springs. They are not cheap (200 baths entrance fee) but it’s quite nice in the morning or late afternoon (in day time it’s way too hot and it really is suffocating!).

NB: The day you pay the entrance fee, you can go in and out as many times as you want with the same ticket


Pai Hot Springs



- Pai’s night life


Sorry guys, we don’t have much to say about this as we are not club people!!

We spent every evening chilling and having our private parties at the bungalows. All I can say is that the night food stalls are awesome and most of the bars play really good live music!


Great place to eat:  Curry Shack!! Good food, Good prices, Good guy!



~~ Life of Pai ~~