I’m Nina, I’m french, I’m 28 and I’ve been travelling the world non stop since 29th of January 2010.

Is that not a hell of a presentation?!?

Probably a bit short…

Nina - Backpacking in India

Nina – Backpacking in India


If you want to know more about myself check the ABOUT ME page!

For now Let’s get straight to the point: my passion for travelling !!


I’ve been backpacking few weeks a year since I was 17, but it’s always been very frustrating to be limited in time.


I started to dream…


Travelling for an indefinite time and being able to choose wherever I want to go and how long I want to stay.



That dream came true on the 29th of January 2010. I left France for a 2 years world tour after working and saving money.


It’s now been 2 and half years and I didn’t do any tour of any kind, I travelled at my own pace mostly in north Asia.

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I said non-stop, well it’s not entirely true! I came back to France last summer to visit my family and friends, and again this summer for 3 months.
« Taking a holliday !! » as I love to say to piss my friends off!!


I am now in France, getting ready to leave again in 2 weeks and looking forward!!



Why I wanted to create this blog:


I have been travelling for a while, the whole time has been absolutely wonderful, travelling in Asia is really easy, but it’s also very common to get into complicated situations and struggle!!


From those 2 and half years I have loads of stories to tell, loads of places to make you discover, and loads of tricks to give you!!


It’s a way to share my experience with my family, my friends, travellers I met and fellow backpackers looking for information!


I am not saying that every piece of advice I give is the best, but they are from my own experience and – even though they might not suit everyone – they could be precious to some of you!