Trekking on your own in the east side of Inle Lake

Today is my last day in Inle Lake area, and I intend to enjoy it!! I get up at 8, there’s only one blond girl having breakfast. God! Everyone is getting up so early here! I join her and we start chatting. Charlotte – from Netherlands – has no plan for the day so I invite her to join me to ride a [...]Read More »

Cycling on the west side of Inle Lake

    Today is the first day I enjoy the wonderful Gipsy Inn breakfast. My first breakfast in Myanmar, as I usually have my first food around noon! Only Mark and Amy, the 2 “Thais” from my bus, are here. I write “Thai” because that’s how they present themselves, but Mark (originally from [...]Read More »

The cheapest trek in Annapurna ever!

Nepal is a very cheap country to travel. But when it comes to trekking, the bill can get really high!   I.   For those who are not very adventurous   and like to organise everything from home, you'll have to book through an agency that will take care of everything for you: make the trekking [...]Read More »

[video] Nepal Open Paragliding Championship 2010 - the movie

WATCH POKHARA FROM ABOVE!     Pokhara..... Just writing this name gives me chills!! Happy chills of course!   In 2010 after taking a paragliding beginner course and flying on my own for a couple of month, I had the chance to participate to the NOPC [...]Read More »

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