Here I am, after 3 months break in France, I had to say goodbye again to all my family and friends and flew to Thailand last tuesday.


Flying out of France

Flying out of France


How saaaaddd!


Luckily I brought some pieces of France in my backpack… Some eatable and drinkable pieces!! Yummy!!


french food!

french food!


With the joy of being in crazy Bangkok again comes the pain of readapting my body to the outside temperature… And it’s hard!! Not that it’s that hot (around 35°c), but I find the humidity so hard to handle!!


So for my first days I decided not to do anything :)


I’m staying at a friend’s place, working on my blog all day, getting used to the heat, occasionally going out under the rain (yep, monson’s still here!) to get some beers.  Easy life indeed!!


Bangkok by night

Bangkok by night yesterday


As you can see I’m not seing much about Bangkok but well, it’s my 6th time here at least, so I don’t need to visit anymore, I feel home! Of course I’ll never know Bangkok very well, it’s so massive and alive, and so different is every neighbourhood!! But that’s my way to explore it: in the expat’s point of view!


Bangkok by day

Bangkok today from my balcony



Heading to Myanmar tomorrow, feeling excited!!!