29 January 2010, we got to the freezing capital of Moscow.

Our 2 courchsurfers gave us the warmest welcome and had a surprisingly good english! They will be the only english speaking russians that we’ll meet in 10 days in Russia.

Moscow revealed us it’s beauty, day and night: the Red Square, the Kremlin, the couvents, the university, the ski resort. An unbelievable architecture incredibly full of history!!



31st of January, the 4 of us are walking on the train station patform, getting in the worldwide famous Transsiberian railway!


The Platskart is the most convivial train class because it’s the most open one. It’s also the cheapest one! In this giant dorm we met loads of wonderful russian people – not speaking a word of english – all having crazy lives and crazy stories!

The skin hunters starting the first vodka bottle at 7 in the morning, the second at 7:30…

The army guy showing proudly his pictures with guns, and movies where he kills people….

We were their attraction and they were the most friendly people, the only ones trying to communicate with us!

87 hours of playing cards, drinking tea, noodle soups, Tchut Tchut Vodka (qui veut dire “un petit peu” de vodka), attempting going out on the platforms, smoking in the smoking room at -30°c, attemps – usually successful – to communicate with our local friends, …

No time to get bored!!

Until the wagon woman came and confiscated the vodka accusing us to be too noisy! ! Too bad! :)

4 days later, more than 5000km behind us, 5 time lines crossed, 20L of vodka ingested by Olog… We finally get to Irkutsk to discover the famous Baikal Lake, the deepest lake in the world (1680m) containing 20% of the world’s sweet water!


Our first steps on ice are a bit unsure…. But all the fear disappears the next day after we cross to Olkhon Island driving the van on the lake!

Very impressive at first!!

The lac gives us wonderful sunsets that we’ll never forget!

Those few days on the ice have been passionating, driving around, going through tremendous ice rifts created by the moving lake, visiting ice caves full of stalagtites, …. Pure crazyness!!



On the island, no showers, only a sauna. Stupid as we are, here we go, running out of the sauna in swim suits with no shoes on the snow by -30°c (probably even less because it was night time!!)

So much fun!!



Where to buy the trassiberian ticket and what is the price:


The Plaskart ticket was bought in Moscow train station only 2 days before the trip and cost us only 80 euros. It is much cheaper than buying through an agency in your own country, they can charge hundreds and even thousands of euros!!

But be careful, in high season it is not sure that you’ll get tickets, you have to be flexible and plan few extra days in Moscow, time to get available tickets!


NB: This price is for 2010, it might have changed in between!