[video] What happens if you eat a proper papaya salad....

Papaya salad is a delicious dish you can find all over South East Asia. Usually cooks tend to make it with a decent amount of chili for tourists... But what happens if you eat one of them in a remote place of the Bolovean Plateau in Laos?!?? Let Claire show us !!! Muahahahahahaaaa !!! Read More »

[video] Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Laos !!!

  A month in Laos was way way too short, it is a wonderful country where you need to take your time!! I had a wonderful experience there, just watching the movie gives me chills!       There will be more detailed posts on every step in Laos, but let's sum it up for [...]Read More »

[video] It's more fun in the Philippines!!

"It's more fun in Philippines", the key sentence of this extraordinary country with 7000 islands!     Claire and I have visited 13 of them and we never got tired of their beauty, eyes wide opened in intense bus rides, stomach aching in countless ferry trips, swiming with whale sharks [...]Read More »

[video] 3 years later...

On the 29th of  January 2013, I celebrated in Koh Chang (Thailand) - my 3 years anniversary of traveling.   This third year was full of surprises and of course as usual nothing happened "as planned", but I've seen incredible things and more importantly I've met the most extraordinary people [...]Read More »

[video] Living the Yee-Peng fairy tale

  Nothing in the world could have made us miss the Yee Peng Festival. We decided to stay in Thailand 3 extra weeks to attend it and guess what... it was absolutely wonderful!!!!! What is all this about? Well, the Yee Peng festival -sometimes mentionned as the Yi Peng Festival or the Lantern [...]Read More »

[video] 10 days in Tibet

Tibet is one of the greatest place I've seen in my life. The extraordinary scenaries and the kindness of the people make it a breathtaking place to experience.     Unfortunately the tibetan culture, even though still alive in every tibetan home, is slowly dying after decades of chinese [...]Read More »

[video] Bagan by night

Bagan is wonderful to cycle around in day time, but not only!! All the sunrises and sunsets I've seen their were truly amazing. I can hear all of you say "Of course they were!! A sunrise or sunset is always beautiful!!"     I agree, but THIS is of a different kind my friends!! A special [...]Read More »

[video] The wonders of Bagan

Hopping on my bicycle, I started to realise the greatness of Bagan after only a few minutes. Everywhere, absolutely everywhere, in every field, on every road and durst track, temples - monasteries - pagodas - stupas were emerging from the ground. 2200 to be precise! 2200 hundred Buddhist [...]Read More »

[video] 3 days cruise on Halong Bay

  3 days cruise on the beautiful Halong Bay!!   If I had to do it again I would definitely not go for the way too expensive  booze cruise, but it was fun!     Follow Me - In Halong Bay from Get Your Backpack on Vimeo.Read More »

[video] The CouchSurfing contest: Get Inspired!!

 And here is it, FINALLY, Tim and Colin's video about their trip in Myanmar!! Those 2 CouchSurfing addicts have been living in asia for several years, working as english teachers and travelling around, hosting many couchsurfers and crashing at many couchsurfers' places! I've been waiting for it [...]Read More »

[video][fr] Rose's Children - fighting AIDS with children's minds

Kolkata - April 2012   On my way out of India, I visited as promised the Narendrapur Aasha deep foundation - created by Rose-Mary - where I am a sponsor for one of the little girls since August 2011. This incredible orphanage and its inhabitants really got my heart and I wish I could have stayed [...]Read More »

[video] Saping: A paradise in the Himalayas

Saping is a tiny village in the nepali mountains, 3 hours walk from Dolalghat (6 hours bus from Kathmandu). No road goes there yet, so the place is wonderfully peacefull and only a handfull of lucky ones can get there!!     I went to Saping the first time in 2008 when I met Pimou and [...]Read More »

[video] A glimpse of Mongolia

Spending a month in Mongolia was one of the most incredible things I've done. The generosity of the mongolian people living in such an extreme environment blew my mind.   It was the beginning of my trip and I was not filming so much. A big regret, as I would have loved to show the world how [...]Read More »

[video] China's most beautiful landscapes

I was first planning to spend a month in China, but as soon as I arrived I know it wouldn't be enough. I just fell in love with the country, the people, the amazing language, the nature. (obviously not the politics, but let's not talk about that!)     After 6 months in China, I [...]Read More »

[video] My second year on the road

Jan 2010 to Jan 2012, it's been 2 years already!     This year has been very intense, I spent most time in Nepal paragliding, whent to India for a month and half, came back to Nepal, flew back to France to visit my family, and flew back to india for 8 more [...]Read More »

[video] My first year on the road

Less than 4 minuts to sum up one year on the road, it's not much!! But it gives you a good idea of the wonderful places I've seen in my first year on the road.     From the 29th of January 2010 to the 29th of January 2011 I've crossed Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan, South Korea, Tibet [...]Read More »

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