Saping is a tiny village in the nepali mountains, 3 hours walk from Dolalghat (6 hours bus from Kathmandu). No road goes there yet, so the place is wonderfully peacefull and only a handfull of lucky ones can get there!!



I went to Saping the first time in 2008 when I met Pimou and PA, two french guys who have been volunteering there for several months.


Uttam – a young man from this village – have created a school 10 years ago with the help of several organisations (mostly japanese). He has been working hard all those years to help the village have a better life, and the life conditions – even though still precarious – has improved a lot in the last years!




He had the electricity installed in all the surrounding villages, there are now solar panels in the school so that the kids can have a hot shower – reducing a lot the amount of skin deceases (as most of them didn’t use to wash themselves at home), the children are now educated and can speak english,  …



And so many other things that I invite you to discover in this “documentary” I made 2 years ago while I was in Saping for my second time. I even got the chance to show them to movie when I went there a third time in december 2010!!


There is a very strong need of volunteers in Saping, as english teachers mostly, or if you’re more into countryside staff, Uttam’s familly could always use a hand with the cattle or in the fields!!




You will feel very much at home there, Uttam and his familly are great and very generous!!


Follow Me volunteering in Saping – Nepal from Get Your Backpack on Vimeo.

Voluteering with Uttam is nothing like those big organisations that make you pay and work. There is obviously no fee and giving your time is already a great gift to them. But of course a donation at the end of your stay is – if not expected - very much appreciated as his familly will feed you and host you!!!


Hope to convince you all to visit Saping!!