[video] 10 days in Tibet

Tibet is one of the greatest place I've seen in my life. The extraordinary scenaries and the kindness of the people make it a breathtaking place to experience.     Unfortunately the tibetan culture, even though still alive in every tibetan home, is slowly dying after decades of chinese [...]Read More »

[video][fr] Rose's Children - fighting AIDS with children's minds

Kolkata - April 2012   On my way out of India, I visited as promised the Narendrapur Aasha deep foundation - created by Rose-Mary - where I am a sponsor for one of the little girls since August 2011. This incredible orphanage and its inhabitants really got my heart and I wish I could have stayed [...]Read More »

[video] Saping: A paradise in the Himalayas

Saping is a tiny village in the nepali mountains, 3 hours walk from Dolalghat (6 hours bus from Kathmandu). No road goes there yet, so the place is wonderfully peacefull and only a handfull of lucky ones can get there!!     I went to Saping the first time in 2008 when I met Pimou and [...]Read More »

[video] Wanna do something helpful? Volunteering sounds like a good idea!

If you're looking for good resolutions I hope this will give you some ideas! This is a movie I made in India last year about dancing. It is meant to be a pleasant thing to watch to advertise volunteering.   Volunteering plays a very important role in my life and I wish everyone would take [...]Read More »

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