“Where Should I go first? East or West? Should I fly there? Should I take the Train? Where am I gonna sleep? Do I need a visa? How can I get it? Etc… etc….”

That’s a tough one!


Those questions could go on forever, so you HAVE TO decide something!!


Your «travel  plan » is a very hard thing to decide. It’s actually not really a « plan », it’s more of a « first idea », or « preliminary sketch », because let’s face it, there is very little chance that you’ll stick to it!!


The only way you can do this is to really know how you want to travel, how long you have, what’s your budget, are you adventurous, etc….


I don’t have THE answer for it, but I’ll tell you how I did.


I know some people plan absolutely everything: which country, which cities and how long, which monuments, which bus at what time, which restaurant, … It is possible, and if you feel more confortable with this, go for it! But I promess you, you’re gonna miss thousands of things!!
Of course you have to read about the countries before in order to know the things you’d like to see! But you should know that there will be hundreds of amazing unplanned things that you’ll hear from locals or fellow travellers, and you have to be opened to them not to miss the trip of your life!
In my opinion, it is absolutely necessary to leave some liberty in your « planning » – if you have one!! Be flexible!!


The day I decided that I would leave on the 29th of January 2010, I had no idea of what I wanted to see. Well, actually I had: I wanted to see EVERYTHING!


I had to decide how I would start. I bought the book Ou et Quand Partir (in french – obviously!). According to some travellers who used this kind of book, the equivalent in english would be either:




This is a great start as it helps you decide the things you want to see according to factors such as politics, sun, rain, nature spots, budget, country developement, health, visas, …

You first need to know what you like: Do you like cold places? Hot places? Want to avoid the rain? Would love to surf on waves?



I decided I wanted to travel overland and overseas. No matter the weather, no matter the politics, no matter anything.


You need to plan the first countries:


So the « plan » for me was to make no plan, as I would decide in everycountry which neighbouring country I would visit next. No need to worry about planes to book in advance!

But let’s be honest, NOT HAVING PLAN does not work at the beginning!! You have to get ready at least for the first and second country you go to!

I’m not talking about planning exactly the things you want to visit, but anticipating the administrative mess that you need to sort out.

You might have to get a visa, get some money or traveller checks in advance, get compulsory vaccines, in order to enter the country you might have to prove that you’ll go out of it, so you might need the visa for your 2nd country, …


There are many things to think about!


My first country was Russia, and it is absolutely impossible to go there without planning a minimum!


So think about where you want to start, make sure you got everything to enter the country, and GO!


Good luck!