Nothing in the world could have made us miss the Yee Peng Festival. We decided to stay in Thailand 3 extra weeks to attend it and guess what… it was absolutely wonderful!!!!!

What is all this about?

Well, the Yee Peng festival -sometimes mentionned as the Yi Peng Festival or the Lantern Festival – is a buddhist celebration held in Thailand and Myanmar on the 12th full moon of the year (usually around November).

Yee Peng Festival Chiang Mai

Monks getting ready for the Yee Peng celebration

The biggest Yee Peng festival takes place in Chiang Mai ( north Thailand), and is something you do want to see if you have a chance!!!


Yee Peng Festival Chiang Mai

Buddhist prayers


Dozens of monks gather for a beautiful celebration with loads of singing and prayers, and when the night has come, thousands of lanterns are lit and ready to go. When the monks give the go-ahead, everyone lets go and thousands of lanterns simultenaously float away.



Yee Peng Festival Chiang Mai

Waiting for the lantern launch to start



Where to buy the lanterns:


You can buy lanterns in town, depending on the size you’ll pay from 25 to 100 baths. It is however better to buy them at the festival location as the price (100 baths each – only the very big ones are sold) is given as a donation to the hosting monastery.


The meaning of Yee Peng:

When your lantern flys away, all your troubles and all the worries and bad things you’ve had disappear. That’s why it’s very important not to mess the lantern launch!! ( Some of them just crash in the trees!)





You don’t need to be a buddhist to be entranced and fully enjoy the beauty of the celebration. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life, it really was like living a fairy tale, I’ve never had my eyes opened that wide!!

I can’t find the words to describe it, so I’ll let you have a look at the pictures and video.